A Reprieve

The past few days, my mind has been beset of worries and all sorts of things. My emotions are all over the place with dreams of the Best Man, then deadlines to meet and then that unsettling feeling of doom as my teaching career is poised at the edge of no return.

My escape for the past few days are making loombands for Heaven, my students and friends. I know that the loomband craze is over however, for me and my daughter, we are just starting to learn how to make them.

This new skill allows us to spend a lot of time with each other! It’s super duper fun!

I also finally brought Heaven to the dentist. We went to my batchmate’s dental practice over at Nadela-Dagcuta Dental Clinic. Heaven was so brave! She simply did what the dentist told her to do! I’m super proud of her!


So I blog today with aching feet but with a lighter heart. I don’t know what God has planned for me but I am thankful for everything. I prayed the rosary on my way to school and somehow, I felt better. Like whatever happens, God will find me and take care of me through the intercession of Mama Mary.


Today is also a special day because Pope Francis is here in the Philippines! He’s the third pope I have known in my lifetime and I look forward to more miracles and joyful changes that he can bring to our life. Jesus truly chose the right person to represent Him on earth.


To end this post, here’s a video I took of Heaven. It was her first time to go to Gaston Park. This was a special park because I was practically playing here almost everyday when I was in my elementary years. I bought her an Elsa (Frozen) balloon that was filled with helium. It was quite expensive (75 pesos!) because of the helium. I barely recall that someone said it was no longer allowed to be used for balloons, though.

Anyway, Heaven asked me to take a video of her with her new balloon. So I did. However, I truly did not expect what happened next. She started talking like one of those girls she keep on watching on Youtube. She totally took me by surprise!

Of course, I just have to upload it online. 🙂

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