Brain Vomit

I’m in the process of making the books but my brain threw up on me. My to -do list has somehow gotten pregnant and gave birth to a dozen more baby to-do lists. I want to somehow disappear and simply float away…particularly to a sunny beachfront with my daughter.

There’s really a limit to one’s ability to work relentlessly. I used to simply work blindly, forgetting food and sleep but now, that’s impossible to do. It’s a fact of life. I’m old.

So I need mini breaks. Time to simply think of other things like loombands, Tom Hiddleston, The Hobbit, Game of Thrones and The Big Bang Theory.

I also needed the time to be thankful. To be alive. To have my laptop work and allow me to blog even if there’s no audio on it. To spend some time to chat with my co-teacher Angel (who has a new blog but hasn’t posted anything yet). To eat a healthy lunch and a scrumptious supper last night! We had green bellpeppers with ground beef and cheese! It was the best dinner ever!!! To have some time to call up my mom and my BFF Gra and check up on both of them.

It’s nearly 2pm and I have a class. I’m thankful for the time to write.

Thank you for taking the time to read as well.

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