Hello, 2015!

It’s a brand new year and I’m anxious to start anew. The last few weeks of 2014 were harrowing and unforgettable. Here are the headlines:

Glee Club Performances– It was quite a struggle to actually convene and practice due to tons of events and things to do at school yet my Glee Club were able to pull off their best performance of the year, so far. They sang “Go the Distance” by Michael Bolton and “The Gospel Truth” from Hercules. With their costumes and spirited voices, they gave a performance beyond my expectations. I was super proud of them.


QMS Family Day-Family Day at Heaven’s school was a fun activity. It allowed me to spend time with other parents and bonded with them through the games prepared by the teachers. We actually won the championship for the games. Heaven, of course, had a blast.


St. Francis Family Choir– Not necessarily its official name but it doesn’t matter. I recruited my co-teacher, Angel, to sing with us. I think she had a great time, too. Although our practices run late, I’m truly glad she’s around to lend her talent for the glory of God.


Heaven’s 5th birthday– It was quite a celebration. I was extremely strapped for cash but an opportunity arose and I was able to teach dance and earned some moolah! So Heaven’s birthday bash turned out to be wonderful as we planned and she even had some of her classmates over. Thank you all for the gifts and the love!


Chali Day– My aunt held her birthday at Chali Beach Resort. It was a wonderful memory for me because I get to spend a lot of time with Heaven. We threw rocks to the sea, saw mini crabs, looked for shells and relaxed on the hammock. It was a day for keeps.


Euphoria– It was an impromptu event produced by my BFF Gra and her business associates. I didn’t really stay that long but I finally got to know Gra’s beau. I also met his cousin and friend. Sadly, no pics of them with me because I think it’s too soon.


My birthday– I’m now 36 years old!!! I didn’t really celebrate it but my family and friends made it unforgettable. We went over at The Tent for dinner, drinks and videoke. The next evening, I went out with Angel and then later on with Gra at the E-Bar, had wine and simply chatted the night away. Bonus was the arrival of Leo, one of the new people I met at Euphoria.


Christmas Eve– It was not a particularly merry for me because my mother was in the ICU. I flew to Manila to be with her and for a while there, I really thought that I would lose her. I’m so grateful that God heard my prayers. With my sister and cousin, we simply ordered pizza for our noche buena.


Christmas Day– My cousins Kats and Mj picked me up form the hospital to spend some family time. It was epic. Booze, lechon, laughter, dancing and catching up. Epic.


New Year– I started my new year by singing the Magnificat with my crush! ๐Ÿ™‚ I truly admire his talent and even if we didn’t get to practice, I think our psalm rocked! Later on, we did the usual family get together and met the New Year with a bang. Then we all dressed up for our clan’s candyland adventure themed party! It was awesome!


So 2015 looks promising. Bought the Cosmo December 2014 magazine and found out that this year, I could fall in love!!! I’m super excited! There’s also possible career change and lots of financial opportunities! I could become a millionaire!!! Hihihi…here’s to 2015!!! Cheers!!!

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