Managing My Blog

I have been blogging since 2003. I think. My first blogs (I was overexcited then) were on Multiply, Friendster and All three platforms are no longer.

I started blogging without any thought of monetization, niches and other blogging schemes to earn money. I blog because I love to write. I love to read other blogs and I loved the idea of having an online diary.

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Growth Mindset: It’s Not Just for Christmas

With this blog post, I realized the reason why we should always encourage students to simple try again when they fail at something. This further cements the idea of praising them for their hard work and effort will result to a better perspective on failure as a lesson to learn from and not as a crutch they should carry for the rest of their lives.

Reflecting English

Growth-Not-Just-For-ChristmasWEBImage: @jasonramasami

Every Saturday, I take my three-year old son shopping. I must admit I am forever the teacher. My partner draws him a list of things to find and together we look for them. Today, we were after garlic, even if the biro sketch had more than a whiff of onion about it.

It was on our way past the Christmas tree, from the garlic to the carrots, that we saw him, dressed in the signature green and yellow of Morrisons. A stooped stockiness had replaced the gangliness of adolescence but, even so, the crooked smile, open and shy at the same time, instantly sent me back four years. Here was Tim [name changed] again. A delightful boy – who could barely write.

I tend to bump into a former student most weekends, more often than not in a retail outlet. Sometimes I find these meetings awkward. Now that…

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Looking back…

I used to dream of going to places I have read in books

I used to dream of performing on stage

I used to dream of happily ever after

I don’t anymore.

I live to work in an 8 to 5 shift

I live to provide for my family

I live to set aside my dreams

I live to exist for everybody but myself.

What happened to me?

Where is that girl who used to frolic freely along the beach?

Where is that girl who used to simply write for the sake of writing alone?

She’s in hibernation.

She’s in suspended animation.

She’s locked within me.

Wake me up!

Let me out!

Unlock this prison!

I want to be free.