10 Things That Will Make Me Dislike You

1682570-poster-1280-hater-app“How can you stop liking someone?”

So I’ve been asked by this question several times and my answer remains the same. You simply had to choose not to like them anymore.

Is that hard? The answer is yes.

I struggled with that same dilemma before. Eventually, I simply had to tell myself to stop. The object of my affection is not worth my affection at all. His weaknesses were ones I could not tolerate. So there’s the deal-breaker for me.

I basically have a list of what I don’t like in a guy.

1. He cheats. Enough said.

2. He disrespects other people.

3. He has an unkind heart.

4. He is not humble.

5. He delights in other people’s misery.

6. He is not kind to animals.

7. He is not willing to listen.

8. He is apathetic.

9. He’s lazy.

10. He cares too much about status and what other people think of him.

So if someone has one or two qualities on my list, then it’s inevitable that I would stop liking him.

What’s your deal-breaker?

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