The Harried Post

I just had to do this before I sleep. Tomorrow will be an extremely busy day and I have to wake up earlier than most days because it’s a Monday. Last week was kind of hellish for me. I don’t want to think about it anymore because I have had closure on how I felt then with the Mass I attended yesterday.


Highlights of the weekend…Heaven got Second Honors for the second quarter grading! Woo hoo!!! Proud mom here! I told myself not to expect anything since her teacher already informed me that she had been slacking off. So I was like, maybe there won’t be any honors for her but then, her name was called! She also got an Independent Learner award. Well done, my love.

We attended a birthday party for one of my aunts during lunch and celebrated my other aunt’s birthday with karaoke and beer! I actually drank two bottles! I was so red but extremely happy. Family bonding time with cousins are so fun!


I spent the day washing clothes and doing what little school work I could. I also got to watch some Time Warp and Shark Month on Discovery. Good times!

I have to go but I leave you with one of the songs from one of my favorite movies, Across the Universe. Good night!

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