Dying Wish

The bench in the park was where they used to sit and talk about their day. The trees around the park were now huge and old whereas before, they were green and vibrant. The two women, now in their thirties, sat side by side again, just like before.

Amanda, the vibrant one, in her expensive suit and pumps, seemed uncomfortable in their serene surroundings. Louise, on the other hand, in a normal t-shirt and jeans, blended with the scenery.

“It has been a while, Louise.”

Louise mumbled a yes.

“How is he?”

Louise turned to face Amanda, with watery eyes and answered,

“He’s fine. He wants to see you.”

Amanda now looked as if she’s about to cry but took control of her tears.

“I can’t.”

Louise spoke with fervor,

“You can’t or you won’t? He’s dying. We don’t know how long he can last.”

Amanda looked away from her friend. She was filled with remorse over what happened. Sam was the first man she ever loved. He was the one she was supposed to marry, but when her father found out, she was sent away abroad. She entrusted Sam to Louise. It was only right that they should get married after.

Louise could not contain it any longer. She grabbed Amanda and slapped her.

“What do you think this is? A joke? I came here for him. If he didn’t ask me, I wouldn’t have gone here. Do you know how much I hated you fro leaving him? For leaving us? You were selfish. You still are.”

Louise stood up and started walking away from Amanda. She could never understand why Sam still loved her even after she broke his heart.

The next day, a car arrived in front of a simple house. The neighbors all looked in awe and admiration as a woman dressed in expensive clothes got out and proceeded to the entrance.

She knocked on the wooden door twice but there was no answer. She knocked again but still no answer. A young houseboy came from the back and went towards her.

“Hey lady, what are you doing there?” he asked.

“I’m looking for Louise…and Sam.”

“They already left. Yesterday, when the missus arrived, Mister Sam asked for something or someone then he died. They are now in the morgue.”

On Avatar State

Legend of Korra Book 3 season ender

Legend of Korra Book 3 season ender

So it has been ages since I last blogged. Been extremely busy with school stuff and of course, family stuff. Although I should now be working on preparing for my class observation on Monday, I’m taking the time to relax and simply chill. Thus, I’m on my Avatar state.

This actually mean that I watched Legend of Korra Book 3 and now I’m starting on Book 4 since yesterday. I need to get away for a bit from all the pressure and expectations of life. Seriously, I just want to get lost in Korra’s world of being estranged from Mako, getting kidnapped by the Red Lotus and rebuilding the Air Nation.

However, I know that by tomorrow I’ll be cramming for everything else. Yet I’m glad that I actually got to accomplish something today. That would be Heaven’s United Nations Celebration. She was Miss New Zealand. I copied the Maori costume of NZ using a grass skirt, crepe paper, black markers and double-sided tape. I sewed the top (a cloth Heaven used last July for the Nutrition month celeb) and added some accessories to make her look like a little Kiwi/Maori.

I copied this for the costume

I copied this for the costume


Here’s the result!

She didn’t win any prize but I’m glad that she truly had fun singing and dancing with her classmates. I think that’s what makes it worth my while.

We will soon get ready to leave for church (we’re the choir) and this would mean I have to cut this blog post short and update it later on with photos of Heaven in her costume.

Until then!