Heaven’s Hour

with Teacher Merly

with Teacher Merly

Blurry but super proud mom here!

Blurry but super proud mom here!

with the School Directress

with the School Directress

I was not what you would call an excellent student. It’s really embarrassing when my students ask me if I were some sort of an academic wonder child and I had to tell them ‘nope, I’m your average student who gets good grades most of the time’.

To my surprise and delight, it would seem that my daughter did not follow in my footsteps. Thank you, Lord! She got a “Potential Leader” award and the “First Honor” for the first quarter of this school year.

I really didn’t expect that first honor award. It was a wonderful surprise. All those times of making her study, creating reviewers for her and letting her discover things on her own, paid off. She did an awesome job. She still had a lot to learn but I’m blessed that my parents are ever supportive and her teachers are always looking out for her.

Yesterday, I could not help but feel pride when she got her certificates. She really did it all on her own.

I am still at awe of her. She’s amazing.

Thank you, Lord, for the gift of Heaven.

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