This made me think. As a mother, do I actually do this? Then I realize that I am doing what some of the things written here. I wanted my daughter to be like me. A better version of me. I guess this is wrong. i had to recognize the reality that she could never be me. I am a product of all my life experiences whereas she is a product of her own experiences that she encounters in her daily life. That also includes me and everyone else she comes in contact with. The environment plays a huge role in developing our humanity. It’s really not just the genes. Our choices vary because we will never have the same perception over our experiences (unless you’re also me). A wonderful read to start my Sunday morning. Thanks, writeamuck!


I’m not a parent. And I have no plans of ever becoming one. But that doesn’t mean I don’t understand the concept.

And I have a question for those considering bringing another living, breathing, tiny human into this world: Will you love it?

You could have a boy. Or you could have a girl. He could be short. She could be tall. Attractive or homely. Smart or slow. Quick-tempered or easy-going. You could have a child who’s mentally handicapped. Or blind. Or deaf. Your child could be gifted. A prodigy. A genius. You could have a boy who likes boys. A girl who likes girls. A boy who wants to be a girl. You could have a child born with no clear gender at all. You could have a child born with extra toes. Or one eye. Or no hair. Or terrible, incurable diseases. You could have a great athlete. A talented…

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before you have a baby

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