First Time Ever I Saw Your Face

She was waiting outside her house. She was fidgeting and kept on looking at the corner of the street. He will be arriving soon, she said to herself. She allowed herself a nervous smile as she stared at her feet in black slippers. The crunch of gravel made her look up and she saw a cab approaching. She can make out a silhouette in the front seat and she knew that it was him.

He saw her at a distance and he noticed that his hands started to tremble slightly. He knew she could be pissed coz he told her that he would arrive around 4pm but it was already 4:30pm. He paid the cab driver and said a little prayer as he got out from the cab. He hoped she would like his gift.

She took one look at him and turned around so she would not be facing him. He looked so good in his light blue polo shirt, jeans and sneakers. She felt the urge to run away and it took all her willpower just to stay put.

“So now, you won’t look at me? Is this how it’s gonna be?” he said.

She smiled at his quip and turned to face him. He stood there with a smirk of glee and a bouquet of roses. He went towards her, gave her a peck on the cheek and embraced her.

“Wow.” She could not contain her happiness as she received the roses.

“I had to go down to the city to buy them, that’s why I took so long in coming here.” he explained. She was no longer listening coz when he held her hand, she was already floating.

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