Patience is waiting calmly

Be still and be patient.

I’m not exactly a patient person. If I’m not mistaken, I already confessed this more than once in my blog. However, I try.

It’s a struggle.

Since my last visit to the DepEd office last week, I haven’t received the text message from them, informing me that a school is now ready to take me in. I was informed to simply prepare my requirements but there were no clear instructions as to when I’m supposed to submit them and all that.


Patience is a virtue.

I already looked up the telephone number of the division office but it was not listed on the phonebook. The numbers online were disconnected. I am really worried and scared.

I have decided to simply pray today and wait. Calmly.

But I’m panicking. I am so panicking.

Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

I will pray now and try to be calm. Try to be patient.

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