Passing Through

The air was crisp and the sun was shining bright. Today is a good day for a drive. I hurriedly grabbed my bag and keys to my old red Honda car. It was one of those hatchback models they released in 2000 and it was perfect for my small stature.

I started driving on the main road with no particular destination in mind. I just wanted to get out of my apartment and savor the nice weather outside. James Morrison’s soothing voice crooned as I cruised…

“You give me something

That makes me scared alright

This could be nothing

But I’m willing to give it a try…”

I turned right to drive past my office. Even the building itself looked peaceful and serene, unlike most days where there hustle and bustle of the city seemed reflected on its walls.

I changed gears and started to drive a steep hill. It was a side street that would eventually lead to the highway. I slowed a bit as the leaves of the calachuchi waved at me. Right along the sidewalk, the branches stretch out to give shade for pedestrians.

“This one’s mine!” she gleefully shouted as she jumped on a dried leaf. The loud crunch of the leaf could be heard amidst the din of the nearby highway.

“This one is much better!” he jumped on another leaf a few steps away from where she landed. Another loud crunch.

They both laughed at their idiotic game of crunching dried leaves that fell from the calachuchi plant that hovered above them. This was their ritual every time they get to walk to and from the office.

They both saw a bunch gathered before them at the same time. They ran towards it and then stopped before the small pile. He looked at her and held out his hand. She smiled in understanding and placed her hand in his.

They jumped in unison and as they stayed that way for a while, she thought to herself, it was wonderful to be alive and in love.

A honk behind me made me realize that I stopped in the middle of the road. I came to myself and drove on towards the highway with James Morrison still singing…

“Well I can’t explain why it’s not enough,

Cause I gave it all to you.

And if you leave me now, oh just leave me now.

It’s the better thing to do.

It’s time to surrender,

It’s been to long pretending.

There’s no use in trying,

When the pieces don’t fit anymore,

Pieces don’t fit here anymore…”

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