Come back to me

It was all a blur to me. I could hear her screaming and trying her best to get away from me. She really doesn’t get it at all. There’s no other way. This was the only way I can be with the love of my life.

When she left me without saying goodbye, I hid my feelings of hurt, anger and despair from everyone. She was my light, she was my reason for being. I used to believe that our love was pure and true. Then somehow, everything went wrong.

Now, she’s gone.

But I know how to make her come back to me.

The cold and heavy knife I held jerked me to the present. I must be brave. I must not falter in what I’m about to do.

Her pitiful whimpers were music to my ears. Soon, my love will be flying back home, asking for my forgiveness for slinking away like a thief in the night. Soon.

I held her down forcefully. My legs pinning her down as she tries to escape from my death grip.

Her final words were pleas of mercy that fell on deaf ears.

“Papa, please don’t kill me!!!”

Our seven year old daughter would make my wife come back to me. This, I am sure of.



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