For the Love of Family Part 3

Manila Ocean Park, here we come!

Obviously, I took the photo.
Obviously, I took the photo.

We arrived at the park around 2:30pm. Josh bought the tickets for all of us (thank you so much, Josh!!!!). We got the 550php ticket and our first stop was the Sea Lion Show.

It was a fun show and the kiddos loved the sea lions.

The next stop was touching the sting ray. We were all looking forward to it only to have Liam and Heaven back out at the last minute. So only me and Chongee touched the leathery skin of the sting ray. My mom took a video of us. Two videos and it was still epic fail. Oh well.

Photo0358 Photo0359 Photo0363

Then off we went to see the jellyfishes. That was a nice change from the sunny afternoon stuff. It was cool and dark inside the jellyfish room. Lots of jellyfishes that looked ethereal and innocent. They are, of course, the deadliest ones.

my pretty sister Chongee
my pretty sister Chongee
my handsome brother Josh
my handsome brother Josh

Then to the main event which was the Oceanarium. It was quite a long walk but I thoroughly enjoyed walking through the entire exhibit. Being around nature and animals make me feel happier and a little sad because they are all in captivity but truly grateful that I was there to see it all.

behind us is a huge Arawana!
Mom’s not in the pic? errr
with baby sharks, I think.

There were majestic rays and sharks. There were huge fishes and many interesting ones as well. I think the kiddos enjoyed it but not as much as running around the place and playing tag.

Finally, we ended with the fireworks display and light show. This truly made Heaven’s day. It was a perfect ending to a perfect day of fun.



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