For the Love of Family Part 1

The one vacation I was looking forward to was our trip to Manila-Bulacan-Manila.Heaven was so excited that we packed four days before our departure date. I had to convince her everyday that we will soon see her cousins in Manila days before our actual departure. Yet somehow, on the day we were supposed to leave, she slept in and it took us ages to wake her up and get her ready for the actual trip.

coined as the “DIMALANDINGAN” Airport before
pretty Heaven
with Grandpa and Grandma

Our summer vacay began in Manila where my brother Josh picked us up. We went home directly because I simply wanted to rest and see my nephew Liam. Heaven fell asleep in the cab and this gave her enough energy to last till midnight. Heaven and Liam started playing right away and we all took turns of looking after them. Here’s what they did:

  1. wrestled each other
  2. pillow fight
  3. ate lots of food
  4. played bowling
  5. went up and down the stairs
  6. reenacted Monsters University

Sadly, I don’t have the photos or videos of their shenanigans. The next day was a different affair.

eye check-up time!

We went to Greenbelt 5 to get my eyes checked. I had lasik surgery before and now my eyes are getting blurry. I found out that there’s a regression on my eyesight. The doctor advised to either wear glasses or just let it be. My vision now is 20-40. Sigh. On the way to Greenbelt 5, the kiddos sang “Let it Go” and played in the waiting are of the American Eye Center.

Liam, halved!


After my check up, we went to Glorietta for lunch. McDonald’s won because of the Happy Meal toys. Liam is a collector. He tries to collect everything that he fancies. After going through his Thomas the Train phase, he is now on the Trash Pack phase. Liam also likes Spongebob Squarepants and thus we had to eat at McDonald’s.

Photo0200 Photo0201 Photo0203 Photo0204

To help digest the food, we went to the center of Glorietta and the kiddos rode the cars and buses. What makes the entire experience memorable was that they were copying how real taxi drivers act. Heaven would drive around a bit and Liam would hail the cab and she would ask him where he wanted to go. After giving her his destination, Liam would ride beside Heaven and then off they go into the sunset.

It was cute and funny but burned a hole in my pocket because the timer on those rides would not stop when they stopped pressing the pedal to make it move. Oh well.

After Glorietta, we went to Megamall!

Hello, Tom’s World!

This is where they both had real fun. Driving cars, getting tickets, playing all the other games in the arcade. I was exhausted but the kiddos were like Energizer bunnies. They just would not stop.

Photo0207 Photo0209

To slow down the pace, we went to Toy Kingdom. There was a play area there that they could hang out for a bit. It was free and I could actually rest my legs and my wallet.

But the day isn’t over yet…


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