Easter Day Part 2

It’s not often that I get to hang out with my kazins. It just so happened that we held a family meeting on Easter. Actually, make that a clan meeting. It was a productive meeting with tons of food and lots of love and laughter. Heaven was delighted her cousins were around and of course, paid the price of running around the whole afternoon and whole evening (since we went home around midnight), playing and dancing by having a slight cough today.

Irregardless of that hiccup, the rest of the afternoon went well. We assigned roles for the reunion and collected monthly dues from each family. The best part was the bonding time I got to have with my kazins. We spent the rest of the evening catching up with each other’s lives, dancing, joking around and more.

  with Manang Enya
with Steven
one more time!
with Manang Vonette and Maan
with Ian and Maan

All in all, Easter Sunday celebrated not only the resurrection of Jesus but also the true meaning of how family can also bring you out of the darkness. From every experience of pain and sadness, Jesus’ love is exemplified in our families. I am truly blessed to have a loving and supportive clan.

Although not everyone was present, they were all in our hearts. I especially missed Jetjet.

Insert Jessa to complete the Pretty Little Liars! hehehehe
Insert Jessa to complete the Pretty Little Liars! hehehehe

I guess I just feel lucky to be alive. Alleluia!



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