image Forget Losing Weight

pillow talk...
pillow talk…
sleepy daw…

Seriously, the more I tell myself to lose weight, the more I gain weight. So stop.

Hello, blogosphere! It has truly been ages. Although I should be doing something productive now, I’d rather not. I’d rather sink into my pillow and blog!

Work is pure heaven and hell. I love teaching but then the myriad of activities, reports, grades and student behaviours are like ugh. It’s so difficult to prioritize.

Family is still family. I have to thank Jessa for pushing me to go back to blogging. Heaven is getting wiser and bossier each day! Note to self, positive discipline skills is a must.

Love is nowhere near the horizon for me.

Travel is on hold until next year for our family reunion. Woohoo!!!!

I guess, this is it for now. I want to blog some more but my break’s nearly over.



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