Forget Losing Weight

pillow talk...

pillow talk…


sleepy daw…

Seriously, the more I tell myself to lose weight, the more I gain weight. So stop.

Hello, blogosphere! It has truly been ages. Although I should be doing something productive now, I’d rather not. I’d rather sink into my pillow and blog!

Work is pure heaven and hell. I love teaching but then the myriad of activities, reports, grades and student behaviours are like ugh. It’s so difficult to prioritize.

Family is still family. I have to thank Jessa for pushing me to go back to blogging. Heaven is getting wiser and bossier each day! Note to self, positive discipline skills is a must.

Love is nowhere near the horizon for me.

Travel is on hold until next year for our family reunion. Woohoo!!!!

I guess, this is it for now. I want to blog some more but my break’s nearly over.

Matters of the Heart

Sometimes learning things the hard way is inevitable. Especially when all the wrong elements are at play. 

Cheating, jealousy, lies and half-truths are those elements. With no trust, no concrete foundation of truth, a relationship is bound to fail.

When you can’t trust, everything will fall apart.

However, the naive person believes in everything he wants to believe as long as it fits the truth he wants to believe that gives a sense of happiness in love. 

Devastating events can of course, lead to the disintegration of the relationship.

The question is, can you still make it work?

The chances for that is extremely slim. 

What to do next?

Lick your wounds, chin up and move on. Life could have been worse but you’re alive, you’re here, you have another day to make it better.