Day 6

I had a hard time waking up today. It felt so nice to simply snuggle with Heaven in bed. However, there were lots to do.

We had a wonderful lunch with fish and carrots. The fish Mom used was the tangigue. She marinated it with ground pepper, garlic and vinegar. Then she deep-fried it and it came out like a steak. So yummy.

After our afternoon nap, Heaven and I did our bellydance workout. And finally, I picked out a new bellydance routine for a new dance. It was choreographed by Ebony Qualls but I will modify some of the steps to inculcate my own version of it. The song is Akon’s Bellydancer.

Anyhow, I’m now hanging out at my uncle’s home and will soon start singing! Yes, I didn’t get to practice this morning so I need to make up for that somehow.

Have a blessed week ahead!


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