Day 5

Today, I jumped right in and did a bellydance workout. I actually sweated more than any other dance workout so I’m gonna stick to it instead.

Surprisingly, it rained around 5am today and about 5pm, I think we now have a rainstorm minus the strong winds. Still the heavy rainfall is taking its toll on our little home and we discovered a few leaks after our home
renovation. Total bummer.

Heaven is now engrossed with Scooby Doo and the Mystery Inc. I’m glad.

I also discovered this on Youtube. Scary weather events around the world for the past few months and here’s the latest for April.

Add the recent China earthquake and this unexpected rainfall, seriously, what in the world is happening? Or
maybe, this is just payback of Mother Nature for all the irresponsible ways we treat her.

Please, God, protect us from any calamities.

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