Day 2 and 3

Ugh. Day 2 began with a fervor on not eating sweets and I only had a cup of rice for lunch. But I had a sundae for dessert and then a scrumptious dinner of baked zitti at Sbarro. I feel so bad now but it all felt delicious yesterday!

Day 3, which is today, began with bread for breakfast and tuna and veggies for lunch. Then that blasted ice cream cart passed by and I had a cup of mango ice cream. Sheesh.

I danced for 30 minutes and now I’m about to take a cool shower while Heaven is once again watching Peter Pan for the nth time.

I need my caffeine fix. Gonna make iced coffee before anything else. Ciao!

I’m pretty sure, I didn’t really lose weight but it feels good to write all of this down and gives me this new fervor to start again tomorrow with a firmer resolve to hold back those calories and start shedding excess fat.


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