Day 1

My first day of exercise. Well, Heaven still made several interruptions but I think I got about 30 minutes of dancing. Sigh. I’ll do better tomorrow.

My breakfast was iced coffee only but I ate several tarts and pastillas. Err, milk and sugar overload. We had fish for lunch and I’m pretty sure I ate more than 1 cup of rice because it was just so yummy. My mom made fish rilleno. She deboned the milkfish and then cooked the crushed fish meat with hotdogs, carrots, raisins and spices. Then she stuffed them back inside the milkfish. We then fried the entire stuffed fish. You are supposed to bake it but since we don’t have an oven, we just fried it instead.

Took my afternoon nap and then woke up for my dance workout.

Now, I’ll eat my banana toron or stuffed banana in lumpia wrapper, deep fried in caramelized sugar. I am so not having dinner anymore.

And yes, I have to cut down on those sweet treats.


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