It’s Official, I Have to Lose Weight

It’s official. I’m fat. Like I can see my belly protruding and 10 persons already said that I need to lose weight. Ugh.

I’m all for losing weight but it’s summer! I practically do nothing! And when I do start to dance, Heaven starts asking for my attention instead of that person I’m following on TV. Sheesh.

I actually asked her to join me but she keeps on asking to dance to PSY’s Gangnam Style. Double ugh. I think my ears have bled blood with that song ‘coz that’s what she kept on asking to dance to.

Anyhow, May is still about two weeks away so I have my work cut out for me.

Wish me luck!



  1. Tell Heaven that Gangnam Style is so last year! Haha. Have you tried juicing, mother? I'm really addicted to it right now. I substitute one meal with fruit juice and since I love fruits, it's perfect! You won't believe it pero nakakabusog siya. And it's fun trying out different juicing recipes 🙂


  2. Koryn, the fad just go away for her. As in. Anyhow, I haven't tried that juice thingy because I still have to eat with Heaven. I assure you, if I start just having juice instead of real food, she will stop eating food, too. Not good for her. So I still have to show her that I'm eating right. So this is my own weight-loss challenge, disciplining myself what to eat. Huhuhu. Good-bye, my fave snacks and munchies!


  3. Since January, I eliminated softdrinks, iced tea, and powdered juices from my meals (before, I always have to have ice cold iced tea). It helped a lot.


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