Learning through Documentaries

For the past few months, my free time has been consumed devouring documentaries on religion, history, physics, aliens, myths and more. One of my favorite persons to listen to and watch is Dr. Michio Kaku. He’s a theoretical physicist. Because of him, I’ve decided that Heaven should become one, too.

I liked the way he explained the laws of physics, theories and insights on the universe and life. He’s definitely a better speaker than Stephen Hawking. I watched Hawking’s video on Curiosity-the existence of God and in my opinion, his thoughts on it was a result of whatever he experienced in his life. It was more of a reflection of who he was. There’s that big “what if” which looms over his reasoning that led him to a conclusion that there is no God, for him, anyway.

It also made me remember when a student of mine told me that all who do not know God are anti-Christ. He believed that everyone that are not Christians are anti-Christians. I told him that in my opinion, no. I believe that God shows Himself to us through many ways. It is in God’s infinite wisdom, whether He reveals Himself to a person through a religion, science, nature, etc. So for atheists, animists and non-religious, I’m pretty sure that God is still present in their lives.

However, to deny the existence of God, for me is pretty much foolish. Right now, science is on the tail of finding “dark matter“, believed to have caused the Big Bang and created all the wondrous creations we have now. Frankly, I find it hard to believe that all of what we know, all of who we are came from positrons or dark matter. The question is who or what created dark matter? I’m no physicist but please don’t tell me that it comes from nothing. Because if everything comes from nothing, then why do we even bother going beyond the Milky Way to look for nothing?

Amidst all of this, to have faith in something beyond science is possibly what drives us all to find the truth. Yet for some people like me, I have found it. My own truth. I believe in God and yes, He believes in me, too.

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