A Prayerful Life

My aunt gave me this pamphlet on Saint Josemaria Escriva two years ago. He founded Opus Dei. My aunt told me to use this prayer especially when I need help on anything. However, I never truly understood what she meant. It was only last Easter Sunday, after talking with my cousin Jetjet, was I able to fully understand how the prayer works.

This prayer is used to sanctify daily tasks. Before you begin a task that is of great importance, you may recite  this prayer.

O God, through the Blessed Virgin Mary, you granted countless graces to your priest St. Josemaria, choosing him as a most faithful instrument to found Opus Dei, a way of sanctification in daily work and in the fulfillment of the ordinary duties of a Christian. Grant that I may also learn to turn all the circumstances and events of my life into opportunities to love you and to serve the Church, the Pope and all the souls, with joy and simplicity, lighting up the paths of the earth with faith and love. Through the intercession of St. Josemaria, grant me the favor I request (here make your request). Amen.

Then you close by praying 1 Our Father, 1 Hail Mary and 1 Glory be to the Father.

Does it work? I have to say yes. From the time I started doing this, all my work seemed easier and lighter. Even if I make a few mistakes, somehow, it all goes well.

I also now offer a prayer even when I’m doing household chores and daily stuff like walking to work, taking a bath, playing with Heaven and others. I offer whatever it is I’m doing to God so that He may grant me indulgences and favors to help other people with their own problems.

What is an indulgence? Indulgence is a way of lessening the sentence of punishment given to sinners. It’s similar to the penal system wherein the convicted felon is granted parole for good behavior or his sentence is lessened due to his good contributions to the police or to society.

There are some sins that we think go unpunished but this is not true. This is I guess why there are souls in purgatory. To get to heaven with Jesus, the process of purification happens in purgatory for souls.

Nowadays, my offered prayers include the souls in purgatory, souls of my dead relatives and of course the soul of my sister. I would like to think that she’s in paradise with Jesus but I can’t really be sure so I pray for her soul wherever she is now. So I’m now praying while I’m doing anything and instead of complaining or grumbling, all my thoughts are on Jesus, Mama Mary and offering whatever it is I’m doing to gain indulgence or a request.

As a sinner,  I don’t get to confess all the sins I have committed. I try to remember them when I’m at confession but maybe I don’t get to recall every bit of them. So I pray to get indulgences from God.

Easter Sunday has changed me spiritually and I know that little by little, my life will change as well. Thank you, Jetjet for believing in me and helping me see the light. You are truly my guardian angel in the flesh. 🙂


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