Day 9

I could not take my afternoon nap because of kids playing noisily outside my house. They are truly a nuisance. I just had to get this out because I nearly lost my temper about it. I told them as nicely as I can if they can just keep it down because other people are sleeping and also suggested that if they intend to keep on shouting whatever it is to each other and playing with long bamboo sticks that can possibly hurt them, they should just do it somewhere else and I also told them to be extra careful. They of course had the gall to ask me where should they play. I told them I have no idea but it’s definitely not right in front of my bedroom window.

God was on all our side when one of the kids suggested near his own house. Good riddance. And then after five minutes of intense playing, that was when other neighbors started to call the kids to go home instead. There, they also got disturbed by their playing.

Now, there’s silence on our street. Yay!

This incident brought memories of me as a kid. I remember playing with my cousins and friends on the street as well. However, we actually do it around 5pm, when it’s not too hot and most of the people are already awake from siesta.

Even climbing up on trees are best done around dusk because the breeze is much cooler and the fruits we gathered were yummy for merienda.

Sigh, kids today are totally a whole new arena. I was appalled to see them playing with the long bamboo sticks. The time I got to play with bamboo sticks was only for a game called “kondisi buko“. It was played with two bamboo sticks. One was about half a yard long and the other one is shorter and it was pretty much like baseball or softball except with bamboo sticks. We usually place this in a park because you have to dig a small hole where the short stick should be placed in with an incline and then you use the longer stick to tap the short stick to fly up in front of you then you hit the flying stick hard so it can go far and your team can run from one base to another.

Another game similar to this is “Bati Cobra“.

Bati-CobraThis is a hitting and catching game. This game is played outdoors only by two or more players.To play this game, 2 pieces of bamboo sticks (1 long, 1 short) are required. A player acts as a batter and stands opposite the others players at a distance. The batter holds the long bamboo stick with one hand and tosses the short one with the other hand. The batter then strikes the shorter stick with the longer stick. The other players will attempt to catch the flying shorter stick. Whoever catches the stick gets the turn to be the next batter. If nobody catches the stick, any player can pick it up. The batter then puts down the longer stick on the ground. The holder of the shorter stick will throw it with the attempt to hit the longer stick on the ground. If the longer stick is hit, the hitter becomes the next Batter. If the player with the shorter stick misses to hit the longer one, the same batter will continue. – From Wikipedia

Anyhow, I’m now back to my bellydancing exercise. I’m super thankful that Heaven is finally well. Thank you, Lord and thanks for everyone who prayed for her.

Day 7 and 8

The day started out pretty normal. Played and argued with Heaven over wasting paint and picking up of toys left around the house. After our afternoon nap, she then started to have a fever. Bad trip. Her temperature was 39.4 C. I was wrought with fear and worry.

The rest of the day and night was mostly making sure that I get to bring her fever down with meds, cold compress and rest. Prayed fervently and with blessings from God, her fever went down to 38.3 C.

I just gave her a sponge bath now and she’s resting well.

So no dancing happened yesterday and most likely, none today as well because I have to get her temperature back to normal.

I definitely did not sleep well and I had to be up every 4 hours for her meds. Thank God for my parents who also took care of me, making sure I get to eat and rest.

Family is truly one of the greatest treasures in my life.

Day 6

I had a hard time waking up today. It felt so nice to simply snuggle with Heaven in bed. However, there were lots to do.

We had a wonderful lunch with fish and carrots. The fish Mom used was the tangigue. She marinated it with ground pepper, garlic and vinegar. Then she deep-fried it and it came out like a steak. So yummy.

After our afternoon nap, Heaven and I did our bellydance workout. And finally, I picked out a new bellydance routine for a new dance. It was choreographed by Ebony Qualls but I will modify some of the steps to inculcate my own version of it. The song is Akon’s Bellydancer.

Anyhow, I’m now hanging out at my uncle’s home and will soon start singing! Yes, I didn’t get to practice this morning so I need to make up for that somehow.

Have a blessed week ahead!

My Sketch

As per Grandpa, what I sketched would be how Heaven would look like 10 years from now. 🙂

Day 5

Today, I jumped right in and did a bellydance workout. I actually sweated more than any other dance workout so I’m gonna stick to it instead.

Surprisingly, it rained around 5am today and about 5pm, I think we now have a rainstorm minus the strong winds. Still the heavy rainfall is taking its toll on our little home and we discovered a few leaks after our home
renovation. Total bummer.

Heaven is now engrossed with Scooby Doo and the Mystery Inc. I’m glad.

I also discovered this on Youtube. Scary weather events around the world for the past few months and here’s the latest for April.

Add the recent China earthquake and this unexpected rainfall, seriously, what in the world is happening? Or
maybe, this is just payback of Mother Nature for all the irresponsible ways we treat her.

Please, God, protect us from any calamities.

Day 4

Today, was laundry day. So I think that compensated enough for my exercise. Hehehe. So while Heaven is now watching Winx Club movies, I get to go online and blog.

Breakfast was simply wheat bread and cheese and lunch was hotdogs and 1 cup of rice.

Anyhow, been looking for a new dance to learn. I’m pretty sure I’ll be teaching a new dance for June. So if
any of you guys have a suggestion, I would appreciate the help.

Thanks in advance!

Here’s Heaven singing earlier. Just to pass the time…