I am Different

In my life, I have been in various situations wherein people judge me (a lot) because I’m different. When I say different, it’s because my views on life do not resonate as their own. I led my life with my own bad choices, great plans and God’s guidance to be where I am now. Most people think that I’m not such a nice person because of the way I live my life.

The word often associated to me would be intimidating. I speak my mind and frankly, I’m not scared to do it. To most people, they feel that I am disrespectful or even rude. I don’t cower but I do have my own emotional side that comes out at the most unexpected moments. Still, this should only remind people that I’m actually human.

I hardly get mad and when I do, I hate it. So I learned to be stoic at times. As if I don’t care and I’m made of stone.

Sigh. Everybody is different, right? So why do people want you to be just like them? Their lives are not perfect.

Everyday, we can only give our best. The one person I try to please more than anyone is God. His opinion of me is the one that really matters.


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