Pomp and Pageantry of Rites

I consider myself as a person with simple tastes. I cry at sappy moments and I easily smile at even the corniest jokes. Which makes me wonder why some people makes such a fuss over the littlest things? Take for example, the pomp and pageantry that goes with different rites to celebrate occasions.

I do get it that we want to make say, graduation, to be something memorable. It’s main purpose is to honor the graduates. So if someone didn’t come in complete attire for the ceremony, does it really diminish the memory of graduating? I don’t think so. After four years in high school, I think even if everyone came in rags, the graduates would still be ecstatic over the fact that they graduated. That detail of not being in the “proper attire” is inconsequential.

Although I’m not opposed to having a grand celebration over a birthday or a wedding, sometimes I feel that some people get blinded with all the decors, dresses and forget that just to be in that moment of completion or to remember the real reason why the celebration is even happening in the first place.

I’m just irked that other people are too busy pointing out the mistakes and failures of another person and consequently, sucks the joy of the celebration.

However, beyond all that, graduating from grade school, high school, etc. is still an amazing feat. It showed how making right choices in life led you to this moment. To the graduates of 2013, congratulations! May God continue to guide and guard you in all your future endeavors!



  1. Oops, guilty as charged! On the pomp and pageantry in celebrating occasions. But I do agree with you. While I like fuzzing over celebrations, I do not like it when others treat it like a chore or a job to point that when something goes wrong, they throw a fit, etc. For me, the fun of it all is enjoying the preps and the celebration itself and just laughing at the mistakes which are actually sometimes the more memorable part of it all 😉


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