Gadgets for a Child

As more and more kids nowadays get to have iPads, iPhones and tablets to play with, I can’t help but envy them. I don’t own anything that expensive for the sake of entertainment. Although, Heaven gets to play on my puny Android phone, it’s nothing compared to them.

For the past few days, I was tempted to get her one of those tablets for the sake of having her get entertained and learn about puzzles, logic, words and counting numbers. Yet, something keeps holding me back. She’s only 3 years old and basically, incapable of learning how to take care of a toy that costs more than my month’s salary.

I realized that my envy was clouding my judgement.

There will always be some kids who are better off than mine with parents earning more than me. Although I do my best to explain to her that there are some things we can’t afford to buy, she doesn’t really understand it well because she’s merely a child.

So the challenge here is to find more ways to entertain her. So instead of buying her a tablet, I bought her a skipping rope. Zeroing in on her locomotor skills, she was delighted and challenged. I also get to exercise with her. I do have to show her the ropes. 🙂

Finally, I turned to myself and did my best to silence my envy monster with a reality check. I have bills to pay and more necessary things to buy than a wickedly expensive toy for my child.

Thank you, Lord for giving me this insight.



  1. If you ask me, it's good that you didn't buy Heaven any of those gadgets. I tell my sister and brother that, not to buy my nieces also.I still think that interacting with other kids and physical play is still the best for children 🙂 I mean, we grew up with that kind of orientation and I'd hate to think that they would miss the simple fun we had then.P.S.Heaven is REALLY growing up more and more beautiful 🙂


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