Les Miserables

Despite the many scathing reviews I read on the movie musical Les Miserables, that didn’t really deter my excitement for watching the film. The first song that I heard from it was “A Little Fall of Rain” and it made me cry.

The movie, for all its attention to details and acclaimed cast, was quite good. Not as good as the original musical but good enough for me. The characterization was passable. I expected Javert to look and feel mean and fiery but Russel Crowe’s performance was more stoic and bored. Hugh Jackman’s acting was good although there are some parts of the movie wherein more feeling should be shown on his face, especially that they did a lot of close-up shots.

I expected a more intense exchange between the two main characters but was disappointed to see them banter like strangers instead. Colm Wilkinson, who played the original Valjean was cast as the Bishop of Digne and all I can say is that he is truly one of a kind. No one can really do justice to him as Valjean.

Anne Hathaway as Fantine was superb. Her performance was equally matched with her acting and singing. Cosette and Marius were okay but I was disappointed with Eponine’s bland rendition of “On My Own”. I have to echo other critics when they say that the Thernardiers’ performance was toned down. It would have been more comical had they not.

All in all, I urge you to watch it, if not out of curiousity but to relive the power of the songs and unforgettable performances of the original musical play.


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