2013 Blog Update

So I’m back. ironic that my first ‘back-to-blogging’ post would be written on the last few days of the year.

Comically, we survived the End of the World that was linked to a Korean pop song and the rise of the zombies. I wasn’t really that worried because no one really knows when the end shall come, right? If you get into an accident and died, basically, that’s the end of the world for you.


it’s now January 17th, 2013!!! Happy New Year!!!!

Our Christmas break began on dec.22 and after a fun Christmas with family at CDO, we went to Manila to celebrate the new year with my mom.

lots of places to go and people to meet but somehow, it went good despite Heaven catching flu.

Heaven and Cayenne finally met!

Heaven’s new squeeze, Corvin Paylangco.

Heaven with Kuya Koen!

Amazing dinner with Ninang Jen and my family at Greenbelt.

Bonding time with Kuya Liam and Ninang Jen!

It was a great way to start 2013. Reconnecting with loving friends and family. We also visited my sister Anna and my uncle Tito Omey who recently passed.

I’m so thankful to God for all the blessings He showered us. Each day is filled with love and laughter. Even though there are times when I feel alone, He finds a way to tell me that I’m not by reminding me of people around me who cares deeply and those whom I can also be of help.

To a wonderful year ahead, cheers!

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