Visiting Virus

Johnny Depp went over to the office today. He was handsome as ever and my heart was a-flutter. 
“I’m going to leave my family for you. Just be my wife. Marry me. Love me.”
This would be the third time he proposed. I declined him twice. This time, I’ll say yes.
“Yes, Johnny, yes!”
He scooped me into his arms and we kissed passionately. He left with a song and a dance. We leave for Paris next week.
I went back to racking my brains on how to delete this virus that settled in my laptop. A few minutes passed, when Leonardo DiCaprio arrived with a dozen red roses and chocolates. 
Some might think it cheesy but not to me. He looked awesome and gorgeous and the gesture was sweet. I totally love it.
“Marry me. I love you. Let’s travel around the world and make lots of babies!”
Oh my. I swooned into his arms and said, “yes, Leo, yes!”
He left me a torrid kiss that melted my limbs. We leave for New York next week.
I suddenly realized that I had to break one of my dreamboats’ hearts. I slumped down my chair and stared blankly at the wall.
Out of nowhere, my late grandmother appeared before me.
“I can help you, love.”
I was filled with hope. I trust her completely. I know she will choose the right man for me.
“I choose no one for you.”
I woke up from my dream. I didn’t realize that I dozed off. I called Johnny and Leo. I told them I need to get over my ex-boyfriend first. It has only been 3 months. They both said they would wait until I’m ready to love again. 
I went back to working on purging that virus on my laptop. After downloading a new anti-virus software, viola! I fixed it all by myself.
I now go and look for anti-heartache software online. Might as well, download one for myself.