Painting My World

I’m back at painting.

The last time I held a paintbrush was in 2006. Seeing all the work I’ve done made me realize why I never should have stopped doing it.

The chance to play with colors, sketches and letting my imagination run wild is one hell of an experience. When the final product is done, you can’t help but feel a sense of accomplishment and even immortality. Seriously, I don’t think that anyone can paint the same. I mean, sure, you have a lot of good forgeries out there but the fact that you created something is amazing. No wonder God liked doing it.

You can even use different media, techniques and styles to make your own creation wonderfully yours.

So, here’s my first attempt to paint my daughter.

Well, I’m no Goya or Picasso but I think that’s alright. Hehehe. My sister Monina is way better and she even does it with a computer. How she does it is beyond me. Here’s something she made for our mom.

Still, this is one of the hobbies I will continue to do with Heaven. We love watercolors and we like to make paintings of everything.

So if you have a forgotten hobby, why not revisit them again?


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The phone rang.
“I’m sorry about everything that happened.”
I hung up.
An apology over the phone? Seriously, he should have his head examined.
An hour later, there was a knock on my door. Johnny.
“Can I come in?”
I opened the door and let him in. I motioned him to sit across me from the living room sofa. An uneasy silence settled over the room. The sound of the clock ticking was so loud.
“What do you want?”
“A rematch.”
“Why should I agree to a rematch?”
“Because this time, I won’t cheat. This time, I’ll play fair and square.”
Too much was at stake. My pride, my honor, my heart. I was confused and it didn’t help that he’s too close for comfort. I looked at his handsome face. He has eyes that can mesmerize and charm anyone. They are now trying their best to make me fall into their brown hypnotic gaze.
I am so weak!
He smiled and I felt my heart melt. He went towards me and I tensed. He seemed to notice it but then he plunged on and just gave me a fierce hug.
“Thank you, Carla!”

He ran out of my house, as fast as his nine-year old legs could carry him. I walked over to my laptop and logged on to DOTA. It was time to teach Johnny a lesson once more.