Life is Amazing

Life is amazing because God made it so. It’s really up to us to open our eyes and see the beauty behind every grime, gloom and bleak reality. In knowing this, I learned to appreciate and become thankful. Words like every cloud has a silver lining comes to my mind. 

The past few days were hell. Stuff ate me from the inside only to find out that God already fixed them and now, all that worrying has gone. 

I wonder if this is how Mama Mary felt. When she was chosen to bear Jesus Christ, she was shunned by everyone. She must have felt so alone and yet God never left her side. Through it all, He was there making things alright for her and for her child.

Whenever I feel so down, I will remember this. No matter how terrible things go, I will never forget that God is already with me, helping me along.

Thank you, Lord. Thank you for Your love and kindness.


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