On Inspiration

It’s amazing that in life, you get to meet people who have had their fill of living, people who yearn to taste true living and people who try to live each day as something worth writing about.

People get inspired by different things because there are no two people in this world who are the same. I get inspired by other writers, by their lives and their words. Reading about them and learning how they have lived and what they wrote inspires me to re-examine my own life and how I can make it extraordinary.

I welcome to know more people who can inspire me to be the best me that I can be. 

However, I realize that I am also tempted to simply give in to that road I took in the past, to get behind that curtain off indifference and pursuit of self-love and indulgence. Memories fill me with the desire yet I am reminded that I am still the master of my own fate. I can still control that dark side of me.

Letting words overflow and things that come to mind be simply written down to remind me that each day we are tested by life. Knowing that the prize is something beyond I can put into words, steers me to the direction I hope takes me to a better life, a better me.

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