Bellydancing at SM CDO

It has been awhile since I have been onstage and performing yesterday at the recital of the Children’s Summer Dance Camp at SM City CDO was a true treat for me!

Here’s what two weeks of bellydancing under my tutelage can show:

There’s me right smack in the middle! I danced with two of the memebers of Danseurs D’Or and my cousin Maan. Hehehe, I adapted this dance from one of our group bellydances in Malaysia under Bodycare Events Workshop. I mixed in my own choreography on parts of the dance that I failed to remember.

Anyhow, my next bellydance performance will be on May 6 and the song will be Jennifer Lopez’s “Papi”. Watch out for that plus a jazz number for my jazz class. Instead of having Adele songs for their presentation, I decided to change it to Katy Perry’s “Part of Me“. My students are under the age of 10 years so having them dance to an Adele song seemed inappropriate.

Wish us luck on our performances!


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