Our Manila Gimmick Ends

The final part of our trip was to meet up with my close friends from GT. We ate dinner at BHS and spent the whole night chatting at Starbucks. Heaven delighted everyone, including her Ninang Love’s new love, Lukas. Ninang Taj was there with Tita Suby and Tita Ferna. Sadly, the other GT Kikays were not around but it was still an evening full of laughter and good news.


Ninang Taj
Gaya-gaya kay Ninang Taj
Ninang Love showing Heaven how to take pictures from her cam
The entire gang at Starbucks BHS

Afterwards, we went home but unexpectedly, Heaven threw a tantrum (her very first). She didn’t want to leave yet but Mommy Rosa and Daddy were tired already. I was actually a bit shocked to see my daughter cry so loudly and actually sat down on the floor. It was embarrassing. Sheesh.

Let’s go home, na.
No, I don’t want pa.

Our trip ended the following day when we went back home. We nearly didn’t make it (seriously, leave the house 3 hours before your flight schedule) because we left at 12 nn and our flight was at 2pm. However, that was the time was the weather was not so good and planes were like always broken or something. Our flight was delayed and we left around 3:30 pm already.

I don’t know when we will be back in Manila but I do hope that next time, I can get to meet up with Jen, Peter and the rest of the peeps I missed during this trip.

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