Our Manila Gimmick Part 3

The next day, Heaven and I met up with my sisters Chikki and Chongee. They brought with them Liam, Chikki’s son and their maid Josie. We went to Tiendesitas with the hope of going over to Avilon Zoo. Unfortunately we did not expect that the entrace fee would be 500php per head! We opted to stay over at the Fun Ranch instead.

At Avilon Zoo, Tiendesitas

However, we did take some photos over at Avilon Zoo and I showed Heaven a huge lizard (there was an iguana) as part of the zoo’s teaser as well as guinea pigs, snakes, owlets and parrots.

Heaven exclaimed, “BIG! Lizard!”
Heaven wanted to touch them but got scared at the last minute.

Selling price – 6000php but this bird doesn’t know how to talk yet.

You can hear other animal sounds coming from inside the Ark but we had to resist the temptation of going in. Besides, if Heaven could get scared by a mere lizard in a cage, she might not enjoy the other bigger animals inside the zoo. Could have been a total waste.

At the Fun Ranch, Heaven and I rode their plane ride. It was a first for her and as much fun as it looked I got dizzy after a few turns. I can’t hardly wait for the ride to end. Heaven was unaffected. Sigh, truly shows that I’m no longer that young. Vertigo, is that you? (God forbid!)

Round and round it went…

It was a great day and we truly enjoyed spending it with Liam and my sisters. More pics below!

Tita Chikki with Liam and Heaven

Playing peek-a-boo with Liam

Carousel ride again!

Dizzy Teacup ride with Tita Chongee

Sisters Forevah!

We can’t wait for our next Manila trip to visit and spend time with my family. Next on our trip…GT Kikay moments!


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