Our Manila Gimmick Part 2

So we rode the carousel and hung out at Starbucks after Tiny Town. Here are some of my fave photos:

Playing with story cubes thanks to Ninong Joshua
Heaven’s fave ride
Heaven loved playing with the colored balls

 It was a fun-filled day only to be cut short when Liam fell on his arm and sprained a muscle. We had to bring him to the mall clinic for check-up and we went home with a bandaged arm.

Later on, we arrived at my aunt’s home in Cavalry Hills and celebrated a quiet dinner and yummy cake with my cousin Kats. The next day, we went to Makati for lunch and there, Heaven and her Kuya Koen went malling.

Happy cousins!
Kuya Koen holding Heaven’s hand while walking

 It was a nice stroll inside the mall. I bought Heaven a dolly stroller at Toy Kingdom and then we went to visit our tenacious yet overprotective Tita Dolly. She’s actually my grandmother’s sister-in-law. She took care of my dad while he was in Manila before he met my mom. Now that I have Heaven, she already offered to take her in and rear her. I lovingly declined but it was really sweet of her to offer. She’s such a good soul who is always looking out for our welfare.

With Tita Dolly

Overall, it was a good visit. I thought that my night was all but through when we arrived at Cavalry Hills but around 2 am, Kats woke me up and we started chatting until the morning.

More to come on my next blog post.  Have to rest now. Adios!

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