First Day High

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So my first day at school was an eye-opener. Much has changed from a classroom full of bubbly girls in pink with a keen interest for learning. It has turned out to be a rumble of youngsters who have more interest on each other than with what I had to bring to the classroom.

I must say, that this is a challenge.

“Why does a charge disrupt the varying mystic?”

So that’s exactly what I will be bringing to the table. Hopefully, a new zest for learning and for living with the right moral values as what my alma mater continues to imbibe and inculcate on each of its student. I won’t lose hope. I can only pray to Mama Mary to guide me in all my words and actions each time I stand in front of my new students.

Today, my topic will be on food service, food management, food preparation and menu planning. I don’t know how I can cram all of those in two hours but I know it can be done in such a way that my students will comprehend each subject matter well.

Have a great day, world!