Our Manila Gimmick Part 1

Last Feb.19, 2012, we finally went to Manila and we just arrived yesterday. It was a trip that was postponed from December of last year. Personally, I hope that I could have rescheduled it for May to attend a wedding, look up if there are any bush tickets and meet up with friends.

Anyhow, our trip was great! Upon arrival, my mom and siblings picked us up and we went straight to Mall of Asia. There lots of things to see and do! Heaven was super excited and so was I. There’s now an Eye of MOA which is much like the Eye of Singapore that I went to before. The ride costs 150php per head. Only kids 6 months and younger are free of charge. There were also science exhibits, places where you can get eric church tickets and even luke bryan tickets.

Best of all, there was Tiny Town. It’s a play area where Heaven had a fun time and unfortunately where her cousin Liam got into an accident.

Still, for an hour that was priced for less that 200php, it was good. The place was well lighted and there were still lots of things toddlers can do. The original plan was to go to Cosmic Kidz but when we got there, the place was huge and not so well lighted. It’s a great area for kids aged 7 and above abut for toddlers, no. All the kids in that area are super hyper. You’d worry about your kid getting trampled or something.

Anyhow, this is just a preview pertaining our trip. I’ll update this again soon. I need to work first. Later on, I’ll be blogging about how Heaven threw a tantrum over not being able to watch a concert and fyi, Ticketamerica.com has concert tickets for eric church and luke bryant as well as Bush concert tickets for the entire tour.

* This is a sponsored post via PayPerPost.


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