Toddler Nightmares

2 a.m.

Me. Working online, checking papers, doing research when suddenly…


I ran to the room, flashed my phone in the dark and found Heaven, asleep but was tossing about. I think that she’s having a nightmare.

For the past few nights, she has been having them. Sometimes, I hear her shout “Ayaw!” in a teary-filled voice and other times, she just plainly shouts. Experts say that toddlers often experience nightmares during this age because their imagination are now more active. Another cause would be separation anxiety.

I think that on my case it would be the latter. Much as I want to spend the rest of the night cuddling with her, I need to do some work online and the best time for me to concentrate is during when I know she’s in bed, sleeping. To appease Heaven, I drop everything when she calls out or cries out but sadly, I have to leave her side once again after soothing her back to sleep.

Parenting sites recommend other tactics like giving her a warm massage, reading her a book and telling her a good night story to make her sleep better. Or I can just resign from working online but that’s hardly an option now. However, at her active state now, our nightly ritual is mostly composed of getting her exhausted enough to sleep through play.

 So for the meantime, toddler nightmares are my distraction from work. Still, I’m thankful it’s not night terrors.

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