Our Manila Gimmick Part 1

Last Feb.19, 2012, we finally went to Manila and we just arrived yesterday. It was a trip that was postponed from December of last year. Personally, I hope that I could have rescheduled it for May to attend a wedding, look up if there are any bush tickets and meet up with friends.

Anyhow, our trip was great! Upon arrival, my mom and siblings picked us up and we went straight to Mall of Asia. There lots of things to see and do! Heaven was super excited and so was I. There’s now an Eye of MOA which is much like the Eye of Singapore that I went to before. The ride costs 150php per head. Only kids 6 months and younger are free of charge. There were also science exhibits, places where you can get eric church tickets and even luke bryan tickets.

Best of all, there was Tiny Town. It’s a play area where Heaven had a fun time and unfortunately where her cousin Liam got into an accident.

Still, for an hour that was priced for less that 200php, it was good. The place was well lighted and there were still lots of things toddlers can do. The original plan was to go to Cosmic Kidz but when we got there, the place was huge and not so well lighted. It’s a great area for kids aged 7 and above abut for toddlers, no. All the kids in that area are super hyper. You’d worry about your kid getting trampled or something.

Anyhow, this is just a preview pertaining our trip. I’ll update this again soon. I need to work first. Later on, I’ll be blogging about how Heaven threw a tantrum over not being able to watch a concert and fyi, Ticketamerica.com has concert tickets for eric church and luke bryant as well as Bush concert tickets for the entire tour.

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Toddler Nightmares

2 a.m.

Me. Working online, checking papers, doing research when suddenly…


I ran to the room, flashed my phone in the dark and found Heaven, asleep but was tossing about. I think that she’s having a nightmare.

For the past few nights, she has been having them. Sometimes, I hear her shout “Ayaw!” in a teary-filled voice and other times, she just plainly shouts. Experts say that toddlers often experience nightmares during this age because their imagination are now more active. Another cause would be separation anxiety.

I think that on my case it would be the latter. Much as I want to spend the rest of the night cuddling with her, I need to do some work online and the best time for me to concentrate is during when I know she’s in bed, sleeping. To appease Heaven, I drop everything when she calls out or cries out but sadly, I have to leave her side once again after soothing her back to sleep.

Parenting sites recommend other tactics like giving her a warm massage, reading her a book and telling her a good night story to make her sleep better. Or I can just resign from working online but that’s hardly an option now. However, at her active state now, our nightly ritual is mostly composed of getting her exhausted enough to sleep through play.

 So for the meantime, toddler nightmares are my distraction from work. Still, I’m thankful it’s not night terrors.

Think and Grow Rich NOW!

Image from http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1035690

I recently downloaded this book from Napoleon Hill titled “Think and Grow Rich”. Much like The Secret it is a self-help book that lets you realize your dreams of becoming rich and more (depends on what you’re dreaming of).

Here’s where you can download it for free:

What made me want to read it, although it is about a philosophy that I already know, is because it has a step-by-step process that anybody can follow. Even if you may think that the entire book will not apply to your situation, I ask that you give it a chance.

I started my first goal after finishing chapter 2 of the book. It’s a mere 20,000php that I will have by the 1st of April 2012. It’s for a new computer that I need for my online work and more. I believe that with what I’m doing now (teaching and writing), I will soon have that 20k in my hand.

Blogging about this now, is huge for me. I have faith. I believe in my hardwork and I know I will get it.

I hope you can also read this book and share your own story with me.