My 2012 Plan

New year resolutions are not my thing. So this post will not be titled that. Instead this will be about all the things I have talked about for the past three years but never got around to doing.

 First, I have wanted to start my own t-shirt business since 2008. I opened a cafepress account but somehow left it. I never got to do much with it. Partly because the physical act of making the tee is not present. So this year, I plan to change all that. Yay, me!

Second, I have wanted to compile all my short stories into a book. Or basically write a good book. Yes, I have wanted to be a good fiction writer since I started blogging and now I realize that the road to becoming one is riddled with challenges. It’s up to me to persevere if I really want to go down that road. Although I know a lot of other bloggers who are better writers than me, I try not to let that discourage me. Actually, they inspire me to even try harder.

Finally, I have to decide if becoming employed is still what I want. I did try it just for a while back but i found myself super stressed out. It was a different kind of pressure although working from home has its ups and downs but i am finding myself liking the idea of becoming my own boss more and more. I have only my bestfriend Jen to blame. She is amazing with her businesses! Not just that, there’s also Peachie and her sister. Besides, the idea holds more merit with the fact that i will get to write and pursue other passions like dancing and even, singing.

 Dear 2012, I’m super scared and super excited to start my year right. May you hold grand opportunities and endless possibilities for me, my family and friends. I will do my best to make the most of you. Cheers and happy new year to all!


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