A Whole New Stage

I have been harboring some news that I wasn’t sure I want to share for fear that it might not come true. But everything turned out well so here it is:

Last week, I met up with one of my previous teachers in high school. I was teaching dance (yes, I’m back to that but I’ll be updating my dance blog about it soon) to my aunt and her batchmates for an upcoming contest when I bumped into her. We chatted and she asked me where I was working now. I told her that I’m doing online jobs but was actively seeking employment in the teaching sector.

To both our delight, she was also looking for a substitute teacher to handle one subject in high school. I told her that I was qualified to teach in secondary education and would love to take the chance to use it. I met up with the teacher whom I will be subbing for and learned that her subject was Technology and Livelihood Education.

This subject is a mesh of trades, entrepreneurship and more. I was uber excited and voiced my interest for the position. However, my application would still be under review.

photo from http://www.sxc.hu/photo/1171500

Because of this, I didn’t really want to get my hopes up so I kept that piece of news to myself and a few others. Then today, it was confirmed that my application was accepted and I will begin teaching on Monday!

I’m half panicking and half excited over the whole thing! My first topic will be on Drafting (a.k.a. Technical Drawing)! How cool is that?

I’m so thankful to God and to the great people over at my high school for giving me this opportunity. I’m looking forward to all the learning, the fun and challenges this new chapter in my life will bring.

It’s truly whole different stage for me to be on.

Sendong Aftermath

The typhoon Sendong has really done its worst on my hometown, Cagayan de Oro City. Aside from the obvious destruction brought about by the flashflood, the loss of life and homes, political unrest has also occurred.

Groups like SAVE CDO are now getting voluntary signatures from  Kagay-anons to remove current mayor of the city. Especially after the dumping of the bodies on the landfill and this really stupid idea of having the Night Cafe on the place where over a thousand Kagay-anons perished. However, I sometimes get the feeling that because of the upcoming local elections in 2013, the best way to go about this would be to campaign for a stronger and far better candidate to run against the current mayor.

Anyhow, I suggest we make a monument for the typhoon’s victims, just like with the 9-11 memorial site. I bet Kagay-anons would appreciate that more.

There have been numerous efforts to assist the typhoon survivors and one more effort our group, SAMMAKA Inc., has come up is a concert featuring Lolita Carbon of Asin titled “Masdan Mo Ang Kalikasan”. This will be on February 11, 2012 Saturday 8pm at Manjo’s Music Bar, in front of CDO City Hall Bldg. and the San Agustin Cathedral. The tickets will be sold at 200php.

I hope to see you all there!


Two days ago, you guys stepped up once again to show the world just how much we care about protecting the Internet. Together, we generated more than 140,000 calls to Senators, spent more than 4,200 hours on the phone with their staffers, and blacked out 650,000 of our blogs to make our point and inspire others to get involved. And what’s more, this was on top of the 90,000 calls we sent to members of the House of Representatives a month ago. Incredible.

It’s now becoming clear just how much impact our action is having. On January 18th, only 31 members of Congress opposed these bills. Just one day later, 101 members of Congress publicly stood with us in opposition. We are being heard.

And as of today, it looks like both the Senate PIPA and House SOPA bills have been shelved, for the moment. It seems pretty likely that the bills won’t pass as written—a big first win. We now hope that Internet companies, the creative community and the content industry join together to innovate and devise new partnerships to combat online piracy. We’re confident there are effective ways to do this without damaging the Internet or diminishing our freedoms.

You’ve made a big difference in keeping the Internet a safe and open place for creators. Thank you again.

Simply awesome.

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