“baby,it’s cold outside…” so i hear that song now in my head…the mornings are colder now.

i got the wooly blanket to keep me warm while i lay beside my sleeping daughter who sweats in her pjs. sheesh. how come she can stand the cold?

her birthday is coming soon. i decided to keep things simple. ice cream party at my uncle’s place.

i have been bothered by something and for quite sometime, i’m still trying to figure out how to arrive at the best course of action.

please Lord, guide me and help me.

this december may just mark my new year instead of january.

Sunday Ride

We finally got to ride on that carousel over at SM City CDO. Seriously, the last time we attempted to ride there, the duh-uh attendant said that I can’t stand beside you as you ride on the horse. I told him that that’s a stupid rule coz in all other SM malls, they always let the parents stand beside their child especially for those under 3 years old.

Finally, we got what we wanted and so here you are, riding so seriously. Weirdly enough, another person with a child also rode the carousel with us but among all the other horses that they could have chosen to sit on, they had to choose the one right beside you. Errr….

Anyhow, after the ride, we had lunch at KFC, ate some ice cream and some grocery shopping. While waiting for the shuttle, I took some snaps of you…

And during the ride home, here’s another…

Sunday is my fave day of the week coz I get to spend it with you, Heaven. I love you!