Q and A

Forgive the crappy video resolution but it was fun asking Heaven some questions. Here’s a transcription:

Mommy: What’s your name? What’s your name?
Heaven: He men.
Mommy: How old are you?
Heaven: Two!
Mommy: What’s your favorite color?
Heaven: Red.

The Woman In His Life

His name was Jimmy and he had nobody in this world. His work as a fireman was all he had.  He was married before but got divorced. Afterwards, he tried to date but emotionally, he was just too scared of the rejection. He had hoped that someday, he’ll meet someone to share his life with but that hasn’t happened.  He nearly gave up on that until one day, while walking on his way back to his apartment, he met the most beautiful woman he had ever seen carrying a bed on her back.

“Let me help you with that,” Jimmy said. The woman looked at him with relief in her eyes. She gave Jimmy a dazzling smile and said her thanks.

Jimmy carried the bed on his back with the lady walking slowly beside him. “Where are you going?” Jimmy asked nervously. The bed was quite heavy but talking to someone this pretty do not happen everyday.

She softly replied, “Just over there, at the next corner, turn left and you’ll see a park nearby.”

Jimmy looked at her in confusion. He knew every park in the area and there wasn’t one in his neighborhood. Still, he kept on walking and decided not to correct her.
They both turned at the corner and to Jimmy’s surprise, there was a park. It was a park filled with flowers of all kinds. There were birds chirping and the cool breeze was refreshing. It was also a park filled with people of all ages and they all have beds with them. Kids were playing on the bed, mothers were taking a siesta, and fathers were reading stories to their children. The park was filled with laughter, love and peace.

As if they knew that someone arrived, they all looked at Jimmy and the woman. There was silence.

“Thank you, Jimmy, for bringing me here.”
“But I never told you my name.”
Jimmy placed the bed down and suddenly, he felt as if something hard was pressing on his chest.
“I heard them calling your name.”
“Who?” Jimmy looked around yet still, there was only silence.
“Them.” the woman pointed his finger upwards. Jimmy looked up and was blinded by the light from the sun. Then he felt the heaviness in his chest subside then return.

“Jimmy! Jimmy, breathe, man! Breathe!”
The paramedic knew he had little time left. He kept trying to revive Jimmy who got in an accident while crossing the street.

“Can you carry my bed over at the fountain? I would like to stay there and talk with you some more.”

Jimmy nodded and the woman smiled at him once more. Jimmy felt as if he was given another chance at love. He carried the bed over his back and walked to the park.