Great Expectations

Once you’re back in the corporate world, a lot of people begin to have expectations from you. Not only that, you begin to have more expectations from yourself.

In a world where office politics rule, guidelines of black and white becomes gray, it is tough to get your head above the water, to keep yourself from drowning.

This is exactly what I feel on my new job. I’m drowning.

There’s a lot to take in and I need to absorb everything all at once. I’m just grateful that despite my blunders and my attempts to redeem my performance, my new employers are definitely understanding and are also not blind to my efforts to fit in with the staff and into their lives.

Sacrifices had to be made and my one loss and ultimate sorrow is everytime I leave my baby Heaven. I now realize that as a working mom, this is my greatest sacrifice, to be away from her.

I am hopeful that all I’m doing will be beneficial for our future.

Knowing I have my family’s full support and God’s unfailing love, I know those expectations will be met.

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