August Rush

Dearest Heaven,

You are now practically a lady. Okay, I’m exaggerating. At least you now know how to answer questions like “What’s your name?” and “How old are you?”. Aside from dancing, here’s another new interest that you’ve grown to love: guitars!

Hehe…and another thing was…swimming! We went to this place near the Cagayan River called Kabula and there, we celebrated Grandma’s birthday. It was awesome. We are now oh so tan!

Overall, our August was memorable and fun! What’s even better is that we’re going to Manila this September to be with G-Ma, Tita Anna, Ninong Josh, Tita Monina and Kuya Liam! We’re even going to Baguio and Enchanted Kingdom! Plus we will get to see Ninang Kats, Kuya Koen, Ninang Jen and Tito Peter and hopefully, Tita Koryn again. too.

Here’s to September, Beb!


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