Business As Usual

I currently have two businesses. One is for my dance classes and the other is a multi-level marketing venture on prepaid load. Both are not doing as well as I hoped. On my dance classes, I realized that I need to invest on Leaflet Delivery and distribution. I’m practically unknown here in my hometown when it comes to teaching dance. So now, I’m searching for the best place that can give me reasonable pricing for leaflets.

The other business requires me to give presentations to new prospects. Unfortunately, my time is all topsy-turvy. I have the graveyard shift and I need sleep to cope up with my daughter who’s awake during the day. Ah yah, good luck to me. So sacrifices have to be made.

Despite all of these, I am grateful that I still have my health, a new job I’m slowly getting the hang of and I have time for the best thing that ever happened to me, my daughter Heaven.

Thank you, Lord for everything!

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